the world of jen keidleir

1. How it’s really about life and living; surprisingly profound while pretending not to be.

2. The theme that our lives are all connected in ways we never know, and the problem of how to live with that responsibility.

3. How the characters are so interesting and real and are ultimately defined by their actions.

4. How Robo is such a kid, and Sexy Voice is so old and cynical, that they meet somewhere in the middle despite their real difference in age.

5. How Sexy Voice reminds me of my partner at 14.

6. How the two leads really play their roles well, and the chemistry between them.

7. How there are quaint little shops with dodge wares and even more dodgy proprietors who seem to know everything.

8. How each episode is so tightly written; how every little element is tied up by the end and contributes to the theme.

9. How each episode makes me speechless, laugh, and cry; sometimes at the same time.

10. The theme that there are no coincidences, only necessity.


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