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{May 28, 2007}   More Sex is Safer Sex

I listened to an interview in which someone from Boing Boing interviewed the author of “More Sex is Safer Sex.” Simply put, his contention is like this: The more often someone who is careful about precautions and not reckless about sex goes out and adds themselves to the casual sex pool, the higher the chance that someone out there having casual sex will be doing so safely — i.e., good “money” driving out bad “money”. Apparently the book goes on to list several other such “solutions” to more of society’s problems.

Listening to this made me fall off my chair. It wasn’t so much the “if we can get more people to get out of their houses on a Saturday evening to a bar or someplace to have sex, rather than reading a book at home, we can reduce the incidence of STDs like AIDS” angle they took, which you must admit is thinking several light years out of the box. It was more that these are the kind of things that people in secondary school would talk about (not sex per se, but) — totally logical arguments that were totally inaccurate descriptions of reality (like hamster wheels powering a small city state).

It’s good to know that people who think that way are found everywhere.

[ Link to interview ]


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