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{May 13, 2007}   Five Minutes in the Life of a Kaiten-zushi

From Japan Probe:

Some Americans put a video camera on the belt in a kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) place. This is what it caught.

(See it here at

I especially like the change in point of view — seeing things from an angle you normally don’t. Also, I’ve always wanted to see what the kitchen of a sushi place looks like, and this gives you a peek.

(Update: WordPress seems to thwart my attempts at embedding the video here. Maybe I should have stuck to Blogger after all.)


Ken says:

You can embed with WordPress…it’s a pain but try this:

Under ‘Users’ select the user you want to put the embed in with. At the bottom of that page, uncheck ‘Use the visual rich editor when writing.’

Then you can embed the You Tube code no problem. If you like the visual rich editor, you’ll have to turn it on and off each time, which is the part that can be a pain. I’ve just decided to not use the visual rich editor at all…anyway, hope it works!

jen says:


Turns out that WordPress strips off all code for embedding objects, and only allows videos from Google Videos, YouTube, and a couple of other sites. Unfortunately, LiveLeak isn’t one of them.

Ken says:


It doesn’t matter where the code is coming from…Wordpress’ software doesn’t block anything based on where it’s coming from.

Anyway, if you’re not using the visual editor, nothing should get stripped, since you’re just putting in direct input. I’ve embedded it in WordPress here:

Ken says:

Oh Jen…I just realized. You’re using – hmm…that might make things different. I’ve never actually used it on their site, sorry.

jen says:


Thanks for making all that so clear!

I guess Embedding From Anywhere is one of those features that low-cost bloggers such as myself don’t get to use, together with other interesting things like Customizing Your Layout.

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