the world of jen keidleir

{May 2, 2007}   Visual Images

Cafeteria, 4:35pm



What are you doing?

Um, blogging.

Cool. I’m waiting for the rain to stop.

Haha. Me too, actually.

Really? That’s cool. When we had that discussion in class, did you get my point about men having to conform to visual images as well?

Yeah, I thought I did… Did I get it wrong?

Oh no. I was just afraid I didn’t say it correctly.

Oh. No, I thought you put it quite well.

Yeah. I’m just embarrassed that we (the Japanese) weren’t participating enough.

I thought you made a good contribution, so did that guy sitting on my right. I was actually afraid we were going too fast.

Oh, so… er, do they speak English in Singapore?

Yeah… yeah, we mostly speak English in Singapore. (In the broad definition of “English”.)

‘Cause your pronunciation was really good.

Thanks. Well, haha, it’s my first language.

So… Er, can I ask you if they all look like you in Singapore?

Haha. Actually, back there, people were saying that I look Japanese.

Are your parents from Singapore too?

Yeah, they are. But my grandparents were from China.

You look more Japanese than Chinese.

Haha, yeah, I get that a lot.

I thought you were Japanese until you said you were from Singapore just now.


Visual image conformation in ethnicity as well? Although in this case, I guess our genes don’t lie. I wonder what mine say about me.



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